Research & Development

Bremach brings to market both component part products as well as finished vehicles of various classifications. This engineering and manufacturing work is supported and strengthened by Bremach’s in-house homologation department. (As background, in the United States and Europe, auto makers like Bremach regularly spend tens of millions  of dollars to homologate and bring into regulatory compliance a new product and/or vehicle model.)   

As an OEM, Bremach self-performs the critical aspects of the business, and, like any other auto maker, works with other firms. The most important Bremach Partners are the Dealers, the conduit to the customer. Additionally, the groups below are among – but not all – the vendor Partners and other firms within the supply chain and development history of the Bremach vehicle lines:

As with virtually all vehicles sold and operated in the American and European markets, their development and manufacturing history extends to multiple engineering houses and suppliers from all over the globe. This too is true of Bremach vehicles. This modern model offers efficiency cost savings as well as the ability to secure advanced and proven parts and systems for finished automotive products. And, together with Bremach’s in-house homologation and manufacturing capabilities, customers then receive and enjoy premium vehicles of increasingly strong value and quality. 

To better show some of this work, a few development images from different Bremach vehicle lines are shown below, namely:  Body-on-frame refinement, cab and frame energy deformation simulations, and digital modeling of running gear.

Bremach has a verifiable record of creating automotive product concepts and bringing them to market. For a review of Bremach’s current – and still largely confidential – vehicle and technology development work, please visit the Other Vehicle Lines page.