Other Vehicle Lines

Bremach develops automotive products people want, and like. Bremach addresses market gaps. Arguably in short supply and high demand is an affordable and high-performance commercial truck platform primed for easy customization and specialty applications (ie, a chassis cab, aka cab chassis, aka half truck). 

A separate Dealership Network – one specifically for commercial vehicles – would sell these work trucks. And some existing SUV and Pickup Dealers would, on their decision, be a part of this Network. Regional Distributorships are also being considered.

The vision for the commercial truck platform is:

Bremach is exploring several truck chassis options, ranging from Class 1 to Class 3, as to weight limits and duty classifications. Bremach is also considering Dealer input during development, with respect to specifications and Franchise terms.

While Bremach’s sizable in-house development and manufacturing capabilities have an admirable self-performance record, many large initiatives and products are brought to market in conjunction with industry Partners, as described in Bremach’s Research & Development page.