Bremach creates vehicles for owners wanting enduring value and performance. Bremach’s automotive facilities, staff, and local vendors are dedicated to this effort. Bremach’s investors and global partners are similarly committed. Bremach’s management draws on decades of expertise to deliver this result. Bremach’s select Dealer network also reflects this ethos. And Bremach’s key OEM partner, UAZ, shares the same vision.

Bremach’s automotive roots began in 1950’s Italy. The brand enjoys a rich production history and record of engineering successes in the areas of frame design, 4×4 technology, and powertrain systems. Today, the brand has a presence on most every continent. And after expanding into the United States, additional innovations included hybrid gas-electric engines, 100% battery electric propulsion, fuel cell design, and advanced stored energy management systems. Bremach continues to build upon this Intellectual Property while developing new models and product offerings for the American market.

The 2022 Bremach SUV is a Premium 4×4 specifically engineered by Bremach and UAZ for the American market.

The Bremach 4×4 Pickup Truck, also with the aid of UAZ, is in final stages of homologation, approval for sales in the USA.

The Bremach T-Rex extreme 4×4 still enjoys a strong global following.

These Bremach vehicles use quality systems, such as Bosch electronics and GM 6L50 transmissions from Strasbourg, France.

The Bremach Management Team in the United States has worked together for some 20 years. They have built and run OEMs, brought new vehicles and brands to market, and currently closely collaborate with several large manufacturers with respect to day-to-day Bremach operations. As a result, Bremach’s in-house and self-perform capabilities include:  

The key members of this Management Team are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the Bremach business in the United States. The business also benefits from a formal Board of Advisors offering strategic consulting and related services. The Managers and Advisors are focused on customer satisfaction and loyalty, as reflected in Bremach’s North Star Vison.

North Star Vision: Together with Dealers and other Partners – deliver attractive, well-made, and compelling vehicles with unmatched value that earn public praise and long-term patronage.

Bremach’s trademarked jetfighter logo stems from the aviation technology found in legacy Bremach vehicles.