Please note that Bremach Dealers and/or Regional Distributors should visit the Portal portion of this website.

This page is for Dealers interested in exploring a business relationship with Bremach. Thank you for your interest. And please know there is a transparent, efficient, and very thorough process for becoming a Bremach Dealer.

A few points are worth sharing early in the Dealership conversation, namely that (1) while the Bremach brand is not well known in the United States (save for the 4×4 off-road community and many European expats living in the USA), Bremach Management’s experience spans decades with respect to (i) introducing new vehicle lines into America, (ii) operating within the constellation of State franchise laws, and (iii) collaborating with large legacy Dealerships; (2) Bremach takes Relevant Marketing Area (RMA) issues very seriously, and; (3) Bremach’s business model and industry approach is unconventional in certain respects.

Dealer candidates should also know Bremach Management believes the following statements are true.

  1. Many North American new vehicle purchasers are increasingly weary of steadily rising unit prices and often more driven by value than brand loyalty.
  2. Having an obviously compelling Tier-1 warranty shows a commitment to quality and confidence in vehicle workmanship.
  3. Enduringly positive Dealer-Manufacturer relations are readily achievable, most Dealership agreements are unnecessarily burdensome to Dealers and too often unfairly administrated by the Manufacturer, and insightful feedback direct from the Dealership floor is strategically underutilized by certain OEMs.

For prospective Dealers, the process for exploring this business arrangement is straightforward.

Please complete the following application, and BREMACH, Inc. representative will contact you.