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The technical specifications of the flagship 2022 Bremach 4×4 SUV have been updated, and can be seen here. While not “final,” members of the public as well as various media can now better see and understand what Bremach is building.

A few things to point out in this document:

  • An optional manual (stick shift) transmission is listed. This is due to hundreds of comments and requests from deposit holders.
  • These same deposit holders (and many Dealers) have also asked about engine upgrade options. Bremach has two (2) V8 procurement opportunities from two (2) different OEMs for a V8, but has not yet made a final selection.
  • The “Accessories & Modification” kits criteria are still fluid and under development, and not accurately reflected in this document. After the full range of such services by Dealers for the customers is finalized, this section will be updated. These details include, in part:
    • Warranty considerations
    • Regional market demand for certain “packages” or kits

  • The exact “trim level” for the “base” 2022 SUV models is also not 100% determined, and part of the conversation with a few select Dealers and Bremach Management. The SUV (and later, the Pickup) will be “loaded” with options – such as leather upholstery, heated components (ie, front and rear seats as well as windshield), air conditioned glove box, various upgraded sensors and electronics, etc. However, window tints, wheels and rims, and a few other details as to what the “base” SUV will have are not yet final. That said, the Bremach community believes these details are less important than the tremendous value offered by the MY 2022 SUV at $26,405 MSRP with Bremach’s leading warranty protections:
    • 2.7L, 154HP, 16 valve, inline 4-cylinder gas engine
    • 6-speed GM-designed automatic transmission
    • Bosch electronics & safety systems
    • 2-speed HI-LO transfer case
    • Advanced electronic 4×4 systems
    • Body-on-frame
    • Solid axle