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Punch Powerglide 6L50 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

The GM-designed 6L50 automatic transmissions are standard in all Bremach SUVs and Pickups. This is the same 6-speed transmission which, since entering production in 2006, has been used in BMW, Cadillac, Camaro, and Colorado models.

This particular standard equipment warrants highlighting for several reasons:

  1. It offers the type of durability and reliability found in other major Bremach systems and components
  2. Relatedly, it is central to Bremach being able to offer a Tier-1 warranty on our vehicles
  3. It can support more powerful engine upgrades (eg, various GM V8 systems) up to 320 HP
  4. With millions of 6L50s in operation for many years now, the parts and servicing resources in the USA are considerable
  5. The American driving public, generally speaking, prefers automatics
  6. And, as explained in more detail below, Bremach’s automatic transmission still gives the driver control over the gearing and ability to best adjust to the driving conditions (ie, an added safety and performance feature)

With much time and expense invested in sourcing and engineering these transmissions, it is with some irony that Bremach has received so many requests from the public for manual transmissions. Some of Bremach’s dealers have pointed out that one of the reasons for this is that stick shift options in new vehicle offerings are increasingly rare, as reflected in the CNBC article shown here

Per Bremach’s customer-centric ethos, manual transmission options on our vehicles will be made available. Meanwhile, those interested in some of the technical specification of Bremach’s 6-speed automatic transmissions can go here and here to review more information.

As noted above, this is still the type of conventional automatic transmission with a torque converter which many drivers find easy to use. However, this Powerglide-style transmission – as installed on 4×4 Bremachs – can be shifted manually. While it does not have a clutch, it can be manually shifted through all six (6) forward gears. This “sequential shifting” still offers the smooth shifting of conventional automatics, but now the driver can quickly select and use of all 12 gear settings – ie, the six (6) in the transmission plus the high-low from the transfer case (six high gears and six low gears, with the low gears automatically in 4WD). Put differently, most automatic transmissions systems do not allow for manual gear shifting to best adjust to steep hills/inclines, ice or snow, or when needing more power/torque…but with Bremach, the driver has more control, still enjoys the ease of automatic transmissions, and can quickly shift the vehicle into the optimal gear setting.