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How Bremach Communicates

Some background on how Bremach provides information to customers and the larger market.

After years of work, and as the first Journal entry focused on the new Bremach model launch, there are a few background points worth sharing with Bremach supporters, the driving public, our growing Dealer network, and industry.

First, the News page will host the more formal communications such as Press Releases. Second, the Portal page is the conduit for current Dealer communications, as where the “Dealerships” page is where interested Dealers should first visit. Third, input from the 4×4 and driver community is best sent to And lastly, this Journal page is where Bremach speaks to other important topics, such as:

  • Details on special and noteworthy features of the Bremach vehicles, 
  • Behind-the-scenes looks into how modern autos are designed and brought to market, and
  • Independent, candid assessments of the automotive industry and current trends.

The Journal page will also host certain Bremach media content, namely photos and videos.