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Is this BREMACH T-REX built on a Unimog or some sort of other third-party frame or platform?
- No, not at all.  The T-REX has its own proprietary chassis and frame design (which is also in no small part a cornerstone in BREMACH's competitive advantage over other truck lines and models -- larger and heavier trucks wish they could do what the BREMACH T-REX does).

Where is the BREMACH T-REX truck line manufactured?
- In Chino, California; in southwest San Bernardino County.  It is a big, tough truck...made not far from rough prison...and in the largest county in America.  BREMACH also benefits from being in the heart of southern California and the Los Angeles area...regions which still have and enjoy a rich pool of automotive talent and creativity.

How big is the Bremach T-REX truck?
- It is significantly larger than your average pick up truck; the T-REX is most certainly in the "full size" truck market. It straddles the medium and light-duty truck markets.  Your average T-REX is going to be a bit over eight (8) feet high at its highest point and just under seven (7) feet wide at its widest point (the exterior of the wheels).  A double-cab truck is a full 18 feet long, and the single-cab some 16 feet long.

How many variations does the Bremach come in?
- The T-REX comes in single-cab (driver and passenger) and double-cab configurations. In the four (4) door double-cab there are three (3) rear seats and two (2) seats up front (driver plus passenger).  Otherwise, the following powertrains (ie, fuel types) are relevant:  Gasoline; gasoline / hybrid; 100% electric, and; CNG and/or LNG (largely per our looking to be of service to CARB and the goals of the State of California, we are not offering any diesel vehicles).  Lastly, as all nature of work and commercial configurations are possible, such is also relevant to the "variations" questions.

What is the T-REX braking like with these large 2-3+ ton payloads?
- When fully loaded and traveling, say, 60mph, the truck can be safely stopped in about 135-150 feet.  Please recall this truck is not only made so as to literally be able to carry payloads approaching 4 tons, but also handle them safely (per large BREMBO disk brakes on all ties, BOSCH ABS on all tires, a brake bite and brake bias that adjust automatically, etc).  Relatedly, the driver can flick a switch on a panel to disconnect the ABS when traversing down steep off-road slopes should it be advantageous to lock the wheels.  

How is your "series hybrid" set-up?
- Briefly, we have a generator powering an electric drive motor, with this generator in turn being powered by a very small and efficient ICE motor.  The attributes of the system (a reflection of years of R-n-D) are also such that the generator is able to both directly fully power the drive motor and simultaneously re-charge the rather large battery pack of this plug-in BREMACH T-REX series hybrid trucks. 

 What is the turning radius like on these trucks?
 - With a standard (ie, narrow) track and standard stock wheels and tires (say, 255/100 R16), a single-cab will offer a turning radius of about 39-42 feet and a double-cab some 45-48 feet. With a slightly wider track, approximately six (6) inches wider, the radius will improve by roughly six (6) feet.

How are you able to offer a 100kwH lithium-ion BEV (100% electric) at a $120,000 MSRP?
- The short answer is simple: We have been building and running on highways li-ion vehicles for about as long as anybody else; we manufacture our own motor (to reduce price); the BMS (battery management system) is similarly "in-house" to keep overall costs down, and; frankly we are just generally very good at low-volume manufacturing and EV powertrains.

How Large is the Bremach?
The Bremach T-Rex is much larger than your average pick up truck, it is considered a full size vehicle.
It's height on stock wheels is aprox 8' feet tall x 6' wide

How many variations does the Bremach come in?The Bremach T-Rex is available in 4 configurations, Gasoline, Hybrid Gas/Electric, Full Electric and Natural Gas Propane

How tall is the Bremach?
The Bremach T-Rex is 7' 9" with street tires and no load.

How many passengers will the Bremach fit?

The Bremach T-Rex is available in a single cab and double cab, configuration. The standard cab can accomodate three adults and the dual cab can accomodate 5 adults.




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BREMACH is a new automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in California offering
Medium-Duty advanced 4x4 trucks with all-electric,gasoline, hybrid and LNG/CNG powertrains. This high-tech vehicle manufacturer is
based out of Chino, California, a regionof increasing import as to the Alternative Fuel Vehicle and other industries. BREMACH spent considerable time
and resources quietly researching, developing, and testing DMV-plated lithium-ion prototype vehicles on California's highways. The result of this work is
the current T-REX truck line.